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I am a card-carrying member of the Grand Ole Party, I don’t always agree with what our President does but I will admit that I’m not his biggest detractor. I won’t call the health care overhaul “socialist”. I much prefer the term unconstitutional in reference to the individual mandate, and while the constitution is the blueprint to the tea-party’s suspect motives; I am not one of those people.

This past week Common performed at the White House, as per request from First Lady Michelle Obama, for dozens of High Schoolers. All the while the talking heads at Fox News including former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, lauded this move and I can’t possibly understand why. I ultimately chalk this ordeal up to racist rhetoric. The guests and anchors at Fox News don’t understand the plight of the African-American in the U.S. and instead of listening to the Afrocentric music in question they lump it in with the likes of Ice-T and N.W.A. or the sub-genre better known as “Gangsta Rap”. To me, a white middle-class 20-something from the Mid-Atlantic, rap was never on my radar. I quickly developed an affinity for hip-hop, and I now refer to it as an art form; a soulful expression of one’s feelings. Common typifies that definition and he doesn’t rap about money, hoes, Mercedes or top shelf spirits. Common is a Renaissance man, he is as much an actor as a poet and the perfect role model for kids in the dc area.

I compel everyone who chose to call Common a “vile” “cop killing rapper” to listen. Just listen.

From “The Light”:

“Wrote this letter, and finally decide to send it
signed sealed delivered for us to grow together
love has no limit, let’s spend it slow forever”

Common-The Light

I’m not an English major but I’ll guarantee more controversial lyrics can be found in Romeo & Juliet. Common is truly something special in this day and age, Michelle Obama should be applauded for inviting such a great artist and individual as him. And to those at conservative news outlets: do your homework before you look like a complete jackass in front of millions.

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As promised yesterday, here is the Throwback Thursday in memoriam of J Dilla. I should have waited till his birthday, or the anniversary of his passing but I couldn’t pass on a good idea like this. Enjoy these two classics produced by J Dilla.

A Tribe Called Quest-Keep It Moving

Common-The Light