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In this, my 23rd year, I am experiencing my first true Valentine’s day. Sure we’ve all handed out those little cards attached with candy in grade school, but this time it counts. I kinda miss those days of decorating a paper bag and receiving 30-something different cards and candies, but to steal a line from Blink-182: “I guess this is growing up”. As you may already be aware I went to a catholic school, so to me Valentine’s is actually a feast day. Every Saint has his or her own day, and today is Saint Valentine’s feast day. Every Valentine’s day, before the giving of candy and such, everyone would file into the cafeteria and hear the head priest conduct a mass devoted to the Saint… Which got me out of of class, and that’s what the public schools are missing. Getting out of a class for random reasons.

To celebrate this special occasion I’ll post up some classic songs for the lovebirds and the v-day dissenter, and while you’re listening feel free to bone (no pun intended) up on St. Valentine. Read the rest of this entry »

After all the arguments and disputes over music Demian and I have with each other are done, the aftermath usually leads to pretty solid songs… Sometimes. We won’t talk about his obsession with The Black Eyed Peas.

Last week I believe he asked “Have you ever heard of Beirut?”

“We call it beerpong.” I responded and he mentioned “Postcards From Italy” and to be completely honest I didn’t listen to it, but Florence + the Machine obviously have. After listening to their rendition I just might give Beirut a chance.

Florence + the Machines-Postcards From Italy

Ed. Note-Beirut are officially my shiz! They rock my Maryland flag coloured socks!