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I know, I know. Summer has been over but as George Clinton said in House Party:

“Yeah, I did it, I might cry two tears in a bucket. Fuck it. Let’s take it to the stage.”

I seriously meant to share this little collaboration of 21 songs (as usual) a long time ago, I literally compiled this playlist during August for kind of a last ditch thing to play during your Labor day party or a sweet little road trip. Today we have some good songs, some which still garner the occasional radio spin. Enjoy the musical stylings of Death Cab, Fitz, Brett Dennen and others.

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Tuesday was my last day of classes for this semester and today (Thursday) was the last day of testing… two in one day. If I weren’t so broke I’d probably grab a sixer of Blue Moon and do nothing for the rest of the day, but alas I have no money until next Monday when I get to pay off tuition & rent. You better believe I’ll have a little extra to grab a beer or two. Hopefully the Summer Ale with Honey is out, that would be ideal.

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