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Does this post really need any explanation?

Hell, it doesn’t even need a fucking title. Honestly, all I have to say is this shit is great. Go buy it.

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30 Day Song Challenge: Day 8 is a song that I know every word to.

Here’s a preface: Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life was the first hip-hop album I ever bought. I played that thing in my walkman day in and day out, on field trips to dc, Gettysburg and Baltimore. I know most of the words on the entire cd, but one track stands out.

Jay-Z-Can I Get A… featuring Amil & Ja Rule

Tomorrow is a song I can dance to.

P.s. I’m not going to waste a whole post on Tinie Tempah’s Foreign Object. That shit sucked, if you like him you’ll probably enjoy it. I, however, was put off by all the original verses by the original artists left on tracks that he took beats from. I wasn’t impressed, I felt like he was going for a Da Drought 3 type thing but couldn’t pull it off like Wayne.

Man, I just got out of a huge test. It covered nearly 40 Supreme Court cases, it was the first time I ever took the entire time to complete exam… my brain is burnt out now. I don’t even know how I’m writing this at the moment, all I know is that there’s some new 30 Rock on tonight AND my 1st place Orioles are out for redemption tonight versus the hated Skankees, Angry Birds.

Now, for the musical aspect of today’s post I’m including an older track from Hova that dealt with his run-in with the law. I was young when this track came out, middle school I think, and I never fully understood what Jay was tried for until now… apparently he stabbed a dude… and we all know what R. Kelly did…

Jay-Z-Guilty Until Proven Innocent featuring R. Kelly

p.s. More coffee for me, and maybe a nap. I deserve it.

So one of my favourites artists of all-time is Jay-Z, and it has nothing to do with him frequenting the town that I was born and raised in, or 15 minutes away in Cambridge. In fact I hate Cambridge, that shit sucks. You have an Arby’s and a combination KFC/Taco Bell (which isn’t very impressive now that Easton has both), the only way I would ever even consider living in Dorchester County would be if I could buy cheap land that happens to be on the Choptank River or the Bay… and no neighbors. They’re weird down there.

Anyways, “Money Ain’t A Thang” right?

Jay-Z-Money Ain’t A Thang featuring Jermaine Dupri

Okay, I’m gonna give everyone here a little background, and a discourse on why the Pens are gay and then we’ll get into that new ‘Ye and Jay song, deal?

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