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Does this post really need any explanation?

Hell, it doesn’t even need a fucking title. Honestly, all I have to say is this shit is great. Go buy it.

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“It’s goin’ doin, it’s goin down like the Catalina Wine Mixer”

I’ve never heard of these two prior to today, but this is a pretty nice mash-up. They used Ratatat’s latest “Drugs” and combined it with some Kanye track (I don’t know which, cause I don’t really fuck with Kanye like that ever since claiming Beyonce’s video was better than that white girl’s jaunt… get real Mr. West) and a few of Wale’s verses from “Good Girls”.

The Catalina Rhyme Mixers-Nasa Drugs (Kanye West//Wale//Ratatat)

Katy Perry #CanGetIt.

Here’s her newest track w/Kanye West

Katy Perry-E.T. featuring Kanye West

Okay, I’m gonna give everyone here a little background, and a discourse on why the Pens are gay and then we’ll get into that new ‘Ye and Jay song, deal?

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We’re a week or so in to the new year, and I still have quite a while ’till I return to my respective institution of higher learning. So why not make another list that highlights the year that was, musically speaking.

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Well, the country gets a fresh start. Gyms will be packed until the two-week January expiration date of New Year’s resolutions, people will quit smoking until the next time they’re out drinking, and I will launch my inaugural top 10 Albums of 2010 list.

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Yesterday we started at 10 and went to 6, well today is the conclusion. Much more hip-hop/rap during this installment, and if you know me well #1 shan’t come as a surprise.

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