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Sorry it’s been a while, the fan in my laptop decided to cease to be. I just got the new part and fixed it whilst at work (I couldn’t wait) and downloaded Lil’ Wayne’s newest. So you know what that means… The last time we did an album review it was Watch The Throne, I went in with low expectations and was greatly rewarded with my favourite hip-hop album since Tha Carter I… That’s foreshadowing in two ways: a. I went into Carter IV with low expectations and b. For my money Lil’ Wayne hasn’t come close to making an album like I or II, and I will always judge any new material he releases to those first two installments of the now Carter quintology (I think I just made that word up… but fuck it).

Okay, with that little preface over let’s get on to the meat and potatoes. Lil’ Wayne released this album on my Birthday, which was Monday if you forgot (you know who you are). August 29th. Now I don’t know if it was Wayne’s personal gift to me and only me, or a tribute to Katrina victims since she hit the N.O. on the 29th in ’05. Probably neither and certainly not the prior, but whatever. Thank you Lil’ Wayne for your thoughtful gift, I’ve never been so honoured.

As was with Jay and ‘Ye’s album, the critics seem to be getting their shots in. Which I reckon is fashionable, but seems pointless to me. We all knew what we were getting with both Tha Carter IV and Watch The Throne, and while one fascinated me the other just held my attention enough for me to like it with the exception of a couple tracks.

Lil’ Wayne should not do several things:

  1. Sing
  2. Rap slowly and gayly about his lame feelings
  3. Featuring motherfuckers on HIS album

I have no use for Drake, T-Pain, whoever the fuck Cory Gunz is, Rick Ross, Tech N9ne (for the record Andre 3000 and John Legend were alright with me), Bruno Mars, Jadakiss and Shyne after his incarceration.

At this point in the review I’m still listening to the album, and I just skipped over “How To Love”. I don’t have time for that gay shit. The next track is a bit of a follow-up to “Dr. Carter”, it’s called “President Carter”. While Jimmy Carter was just some hick from Georgia, “President Carter” serves as reminder of what Lil’ Wayne’s was. That’s right, I said was. I and II were never had poppy type songs, and maybe that’s what separates a good rapper from a historically great one. I once thought Lil’ Wayne was one of the best ever, right after Jay-Z, but there are too many songs in his catalog like “Lollipop” and “How To Love”. Name a song of that nature by A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye and even Jay, you can’t.

To be fair Tha Carter IV is much better than IIIĀ  but it’s still Lil’ Wayne at his most commercial, and that’s fine. Make your money Wayne, I ain’t hatin’. No Pres. Carter here, President Roosevelt (The good one).

President Theodore Roosevelt 4/5

Honestly the fact that this track is a conceptual follow-up to “Stan” is enough to deter me from sharing this with you peoples, but fuck it. I gave it a chance and sorta liked it.

p.s. This will not be on Tha Carter IV.

Lil’ Wayne-Dear Anne (Stan pt. 2)

We’re not big Drake fans here, unless we’re talking male ducks but this jaunt is fresher than a pair of Griffey Air Max Ones. Add a verse from Rozay and Wayne and you’ve got yourself a quality little song. Word to Pat Riley.

DJ Khaled-I’m On One featuring Drake, Rick Ross & Lil’ Wayne

In a world of the Skins missing out on Mallet & the Caps losing game one, this interview makes me happy. Between this the O’s winning by a touchdown and seeing Rio, this has been a descent weekend.

Anyway, Nardwuar is a crazy, polarizing dude from BC whose interviewing style is somewhat bizarre. He knows alot about the person he’s speaking with and often gives gifts that no one expects. In this segment he gives Lil’ Wayne a classic song that is considered the genesis of the music coming from the NO.

The Showboys-Drag Rap (Triggerman)

Here’s the music video for the latest Lil’ Wayne single, it was originally titled “If I Die Today”.

To whom it may concern: This will be the last Wayne update until Tha Carter IV is released, sorry for the convenience.

I really liked 6’7′ but this jaunt isn’t as good as I was hoping… Rick Ross is to blame. I guess it could be worse, Nicki or Drake could have been on it.

Lil’ Wayne-If I Die Today featuring Rick Ross

It’s about damn time that someone did something productive with this beat, even though I don’t care for Drake or what Weezy has become over the last 5 years… but I do like me some Big Sean.

“I’ll take the purple and pour dat all in the Sprite, all in the Sprite”

I’m not even gonna lie, that line of Drake‘s made me laugh out loud.

I hear this is “unfinished”, so that leaves me to wonder if someone is planning a nice little mixtape before dropping Tha Carter IV.

Lil Wayne-All Of The Lights (Remix) featuring Big Sean & Drake

Today is a pretty big day in music.

I’m going to try to get to it all and this may take several posts, but today we have a new song from Lil’ Wayne, a new one from Wiz Khalifa, Lupe’s album dropped, Ellie Goulding’s U.S. release of Lights and the release of Freaks & Geeks, the much awaited EP from Childish Gambino. So today excites me.

Instead of doing two separate posts about Wiz & Wayne, respectively, I’ll do one post including their two songs… A daily double if you will.

First up, Weezy. I’m not sure what’s up with this jaunt… A rough cut maybe? It’s worth a listen, but shan’t be going to my iPhone anytime soon.

Lil’ Wayne-We Back Soon

Save the best for last? Maybe, but probably not… I’m just listening to it now. Give me three minutes.

Okay, I fuck with this shit musically! Why is Wiz so hit or miss?

Wiz Khalifa-The Race


The Game might just be back… I think I may have trashed him earlier this month (after further investigation, I did). Can you blame me though? That song was some shit. But we’re not here for that, we’re here to discuss his new mixtape at full length.

I kinda dig it, I loved The Documentary and Purp & Patron reminds me why… well at least the jaunt with Weezy is nice.

The Game-Soo Woo featuring Lil’ Wayne

Download Purp & Patron: here!

So you know that old cliche “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

Well, it seems DJ Khaled has had figured out for awhile now, and I can respect that. All he has to do is gather up Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross & either Akon or T-Pain and find a nice heavy beat and he has a hit song. To be honest when I woke up and saw this song I thought I was dreaming, because after all didn’t they make this song already?

Sidebar: Trick Daddy might be the greatest rapper ever.

DJ Khaled-Welcome To My Hood featuring Rick Ross, Plies, T-Pain & Lil’ Wayne

“…and tell Congress when you see ’em, bitch I’m stealin’ cable”