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The jury’s out on this one for me.

I pray Lupe makes an “All Black Everything” video… okay now it’s time for me to buckle down and do this paper. I will reward myself and everyone else with Throwback Thursday after I’m done.

I’ve been a Lupe fan for a while now, it all started Freshman year a guy on my floor got me into his Rhyming Ape mixtape and I never looked back (Hell, I even bought a hard copy of The Cool). With all of that said, I unfortunately have mixed feelings about the album itself. Now before you click on to some other blog realize that this comes as a result from the politics behind the release and the very fact that Lupe doesn’t love every song. To be frank this isn’t his Sgt. Peppers, and it’s a departure from Food & Liquor and The Cool.

I listened to Lasers today, but I didn’t have an open mind going in. I thought “If Lupe hates it, why should I even care?”, I now wish I had never read his interview with Complex. Don’t get me wrong, “Words I Never Said”, “All Black Everything” and even “Break The Chain” are all quality tracks that are instant classics. But. And this is a big but (like Trina [sorry]), the album in it’s entirety just doesn’t have replay value to me. It’s not an album I could put in my cd player and let it go and listen straight through for weeks or months at a time. I’m optimistic that this will change and Lasers will grow on me and for that reason I will give the album a 3/5.

This is a must listen for any self-respecting hip-hop/rap fan, but Lu’s early albums overshadow this effort. I hope Lupe can leave his current label, Atlantic, and find a place that lets him have the creative control that it takes to make a real follow-up to The Cool.

Rating: President Gerald Ford 3/5

Ed. note: I feel Ford represents the very definition of adequate, didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t blow anyone’s socks off either. Most likely a forgotten President within the next 150 years.

We’re pretty big Lupe fans here at Georgia Ave. as well as fans of sports. I personally peruse ESPN’s website hourly, and sadly know more about the current affairs of The Orioles than the events in Libya (not out of the ordinary for an American of my age, but I’m a Political Science major).

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with stories of that crap so here’s the interview with Lupe Fiasco at ESPN.

Not sure there is a connection to sports there… but hey, I’m all for publicity for great artist like Lupe.

You guys ready to get political?

A lot of people I’ve spoken with (co-workers, mostly) don’t like Lupe. They call him a nerd, say he’s wack and that he doesn’t make any good songs. I try to sway them, and show them the light but I guess Lupe isn’t for just anyone. I can get behind a politically-fueled rant, but this isn’t a song the radio will ever understand. That’s not Lupe’s problem, but maybe the American public’s fault. They consume songs (only if they’re “hot”) and throw them out after 3 months. Personally, I’ll tell you that this is one of the best hip-hop/rap songs ever, but you won’t ever heard anyone but the RS say that.

Lupe Fiasco-Words I Never Said featuirng Skylar Grey