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The more I hear from Shittsburgh emcee Mac Miller, the more I like him. Here’s a new track, just released because he reached 600k followers on that thing called Twitter.

Mac Miller-Just A Kid

It’s way too hot, according to TWC it felt like 103 degrees here today. I swear it hasn’t rained the entire time I’ve been home from school. If Jimmy McMillan were here, he’d say the temperature is too damn high.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, I hope it does. It’s even too hot to mess around on these internets.

Bob Dylan-Summer Days

Chiddy Bang-Heatwave featuring Mac Miller, Trae the Truth & Casey Veggies

I had a blue Gators hat that was the object of affection for this girl who I’m pretty sure had a crush on me, she would consistently try to take it and I would always get it back. I get most of my hats back that girls nab, my Duke hat, my Nationals hat and my fraternity hat… but there’s always one that gets away. My 1970’s Orioles hat. It was snatched during a sorority formal at Deep Creek Lake, I had it since 10th grade and it was perfectly broken in. I miss it.

A couple hours ago I bashed Mac Miller for a rhyme containing the subject of Sidney Crosby, I don’t regret it.

Wale just released this via twitter. I miss back when Wale would #Leggo a track like almost once a week #nodaysoff

Mac Miller-So What featuring Wale

More Noah Beresin for your money, money. Shoulda got that insured, Geico for your money, money.

Yup, the title doesn’t lie. Why would it? New Chiddy Bang with Xaphoon Jones on the production and a courtesy verse from some douche rapping about Sidney Crosby. We ain’t got time for that Penguin bs. #playoffs # fuckcrybabycrosby #it’sactuallybaseballseason

Chiddy Bang-Heatwave featuring Mac Miller

Ed. Note: We have no problem with Mac Miller, or Pittsburgh (oft. referred to as “Shittsburgh”) but chill with the Pens. You people only like that franchise because they win… lets talk about the Pirates. Can we talk about your Pirates? They suck.

Fresh off the proverbial press.

I just picked up Best Day Ever over the weekend, and I’m impressed with what I’ve heard so far…  but we’re not here for that. It’s a different post for another day, maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. Who knows?

Anyway Big Z came through with a nice little remix featuring a classic Biggie verse, enjoy.

Mac Miller-Best Day Ever featuring The Notorious B.I.G. (Big Z Remix)