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Sorry for the lack of posts, this has been a rather full week.

I had to pack up all my worldly possessions and move back home to the illustrious eastern shore of Maryland. Naturally the weekend was filled with quite a bit of indulging in the things that make me love where I live. St. Micheals winery, Cantler’s riverside restaurant, enjoying the mall and I even got to try on my next pair of running shoes.

In all that time I couldn’t find the time to answer the question of day 10 in the 30 Day Song Challenge: A song which makes me fall asleep. This is tough. I’m sure I could post Secondhand Serenade (that actually just came to me, I already uploaded the track I’m gonna use), but instead I went with a time-honoured favourite. Modest Mouse.

Back when I was in the prime of my partying ways and in my first semester at Frostburg, I used to follow a pretty standard regimen to battle hangovers. I’d wake up relatively early, grab a ham & cheese omelet, 2 glasses of gatorade and go back and take a nap. While napping I’d usually just put Modest Mouse or Jack Johnson on shuffle, The Moon & Antarctica was my prime choice. So here’s “Gravity Rides Everything”.

Modest Mouse-Gravity Rides Everything

…creature, monster like the Loch Ness.

There’s a reason as to why the last post was so abbreviated. I feel like crap, I suffered through Constitutional Law and skipped my second class of the day because I just couldn’t take it. Getting sick the week after spring break might just be the definition of unfortunate. Anyway I’m fresh from the grocery store with Nyquil, Simply Orange (Pineapple), Ginger Ale and Saltines, now Im just gonna watch some educational tv and fall asleep to soothing tunes like the ones below.

I miss the humidity of the eastern shore & the salt air that shoos away colds like these.

Modest Mouse-3rd Planet

Modest Mouse-Gravity Rides Everything

…and it’s been a slow week for new music. So let’s return to an old TKAM favourite, Modest Mouse Monday.

Here’s one of my favourite’s from We Were Dead.

Modest Mouse-Parting Of The Sensory

p.s. Be on the lookout for the first official Georgia Ave. Mixtape!