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Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for since about last July. It’s is the day when hope blooms like cherry blossoms on the Potomac, the day when I can stop following the Capitals with such fervor, the day when Brian Roberts takes a first pitch strike from David Price works the count then singles (yeah, I’m calling it).

Not that there’s anything wrong with the Caps (I promise I’m not just a fair weather fan with hockey), but my alliance to the O’s runs as deep as the shipping lanes in the Chesapeake. I was once a youngster who modeled his game after Brooks, and did bibliographies in grade school about Cal at every stop. I slept every night night listening to the broadcast on WBAL, underneath a poster of Alomar turning the 6-4-3. My catholic school uniform consisted of navy blue pants, an oxford shirt, a plaid tie and a black 90’s era birds hat. I hated the Yankees, I hated everything about them. I still do.

My first trip to Camden Yards is one I hardly remember, it was in ’92 (I think) versus the Royals on opening weekend. I can tell you we all sat in left field and my dad injured his finger trying to catch a BP homer… he should have borrowed my mitt. This trip and most before ’96 were overshadowed by a trip to see playoff baseball versus Cleveland, I count that as one of two best days of my life.

I’m sorry to prattle on about the first love of my life, but this is truly something I care about. I dream of pennants and have nightmares about the O’s skipping town a la the Colts (seriously, that scares the shit out of me. Who would they expect me to root for? The Nationals?! Fat chance. Catch me in Dodger blue, I suppose). Anyway here’s a Baltimore-centric song, by Baltimore resident Mullyman.

Mullyman-I Go Harder (Than Baltimore)

Mullymania is in full effect!

Even though I kinda trashed the last mixtape Mullyman made, he’s got a nice little verse on Jay and Ye’s H.A.M. I don’t think many artists can do this beat justice, but Mully is just slick enough to be able to pull it off.

Mullyman-H.A.M. (wiRemix)

“Ok, lets go.”

“Mullyman Wiremix 5.”

“Shouts to Wale.”

“Travis Porter I see you.”

“Mully lets get it, c’mon!”

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