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Holy shit! I made it work. Sorry but I’m still a little green when it comes to posting videos.

Anyway, apparently there was a huge awards ceremony handing out golden gramophones… I didn’t watch. Probably for the best, I would have thrown the remote through the damn tv had I seen Eminem accepting an award for best rap solo. That’s fucking gay, Eminem is neither talented nor a rapper. But I digress. If you actually watched the Grammys you would have seen this mind-blowing performance… I mean damn Mumford & Sons! Get it! Secondly, is their anything better than watching some up and coming artists jam on “Maggie’s Farm” with one of their idols?

And now what you’ve all been waiting for, the conclusion of the top 20 songs of 2010 chosen by me.

Ed. note: Okay, sorry for the delay. Between Friday night, staying out past my self-instated curfew and the hangover that ensued, I wanted to take a day off. I slept relatively all afternoon and woke up just in time to catch my Caps smash Florida… and flip back and forth to see Chara get trash thrown at him #GoHabs.

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We’re a week or so in to the new year, and I still have quite a while ’till I return to my respective institution of higher learning. So why not make another list that highlights the year that was, musically speaking.

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