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Why didn’t you guys tell me it was Wednesday? I nearly forgot, it’s amazing how little I think when I’m not in classes.

Anyways, you remember Neon Hitch right? Wale has too, and he’s jumped on “Silly Girl” for the official remix… that’s the definition of dopeness.

Neon Hitch-Silly Girl featuring Wale

I’ll refrain from commenting on Neon Hitch’s attractiveness until I see a birth certificate and/or id. My search did not wield success about finding her legality… efffffff the Caps just let a goal in.

Anyway, you remember Brenton Duvall right?

Well he’s worked his magic on a track from the above English songstress/hippie and he even added some Wiz. Personally I’m sick of Wiz Khalifa, I wouldn’t even listen to Rolling Papers if it was free. With that said, I like this jaunt here but I still refuse to admit to liking Wiz anymore.

Neon Hitch-Silly Girl (Brenton Duvall Remix featuing Wiz Khalifa)

Neon Hitch-Silly Girl

Lets go Caps!