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Another installment of my guilty pleasures sees a new wave classic.

The last post was a cover of Devo’s “Girl U Want” and what better way to follow that up than “In A Big Country”. This is the type of music I was raised on, the dj’s played it on WHFS 99.1 and they now mix it in the playlists on WRNR.

I believe modern alternative music is rooted in new wave and punk, and guys like Mark Mothersbaugh & Morrisey belong on a Mount Rushmore or sorts. You can say how influential Hendrix and the Beatles were, and I’ll counter with bands like The Smiths, Devo & The Clash are more applicable to today’s music as we know it.

Big Country-In A Big Country

This should come as no surprise but almost anything that involves M.I.A. is one of my guilty pleasures, anytime I think of good times her music is typically involved. Before going to school I would go skiing every now and then and that was around M.I.A. first gained notability with “Bucky Done Gun”. I don’t ski anymore but I still remember the fun road trips to Ski Liberty or Whitetail, and for some reason M.I.A.’s first single takes me back to those days.

“Bucky Done Gun” is a good song, but it’s not guilty pleasure choice for today. Today’s song actually reminds me of my favorite semester here at school, in fact the whole album does. I remember bumping Kala back when I lived by myself in Sowers and was pledging. Pledging wasn’t very fun in itself, in fact I’ve heard it referred to it being “…the best of times , [and] it was the worst of times.” I personally call it the most fun you’ll never want to have again. But there was more to those 5 months than just being in a state of constant misery, it was the semester I received a alcohol citation for “7 unopened cans of National Bohemian” in my fridge. It was the semester when my brothers and I sat outside in front of a tv and had some nattys boh’s watching opening day. It was the semester when I had a fake i.d., I was 5’10” and 29 (in reality I was 6’2″ and 20). It was a semester where much more happened, but I probably shouldn’t recall those memories so as to not get myself into trouble.

In short, here’s “Mango Pickle Down River”. I don’t why I like it so much, especially since I enjoy all the song other than “Paper Planes”.

M.I.A.-Mango Pickle Down River featuring The Wilcannia Mob

I know, normally I’d use a picture of the Metro or somewhere random in dc… but today is different. Today is the day that I let you people get to know me a little bit more.

I was making fresh bread yesterday, with my iPhone docked into to iHome on shuffle. That creates a random assortment of music, it also brings a lot of songs that may be out of the ordinary. I have some songs that can be considered guilty pleasures. I noticed this once John Fogerty’s 1985 classic “Centerfield” was played… and played again because I wanted to sing along just one more time.

I figured that this made a pretty good theme, posts that showcase the true eclectic nature of my vast collection of music.  There is no other way I could possibly start this without posting my Trinidadian friend and possible cousin, you might know him from A Night at The Roxbury or possibly that abomination that Eminem and Wayne did together that sampled this song. He and I share the very same surname. That’s right Haddaway!

Haddaway-What Is Love