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You remember the Remix Artist Collective right?

You also remember Peter Bjorn & John’s “Second Chance” right?

If you don’t, no worries… here’s a crash-course. New from RAC, the remix of “Second Chance”

Peter Bjorn & John-Second Chance (RAC Mix)

I was lucky enough to see Peter Bjorn & John prior to them performing at the 9:30 club during an intimate set at Annapolis’ Ram Head. It included a version of “Lay It Down” with an added instrument which happened to be an empty Ruffles bag, I can’t explain it… You just had to be there.

That set was during the release of Living Thing, 2009 or so. PB&J are set to release a new album entitled Gimme Some in March and here’s the first single.

Peter Bjorn & John-Second Chance