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I haven’t found any music I deem post worthy in quite awhile, which explains for the lack of posts. I don’t give two shits about a single from Goblin and I’m too lazy to listen to the Reptar EP… So here’s some RAC!

Phoenix-Armistice (RAC Mix)

Tracy Morgan & Donald GloverWerewolf Bar Mitzva (RAC Mix)


More RAC. This time they remixed a current favourite of mine “Something Good Can Work”. I mean damn, how great are Two Door Cinema Club?!

Two Door Cinema Club-Something Good Can Work (RAC Mix)

You remember the Remix Artist Collective right?

You also remember Peter Bjorn & John’s “Second Chance” right?

If you don’t, no worries… here’s a crash-course. New from RAC, the remix of “Second Chance”

Peter Bjorn & John-Second Chance (RAC Mix)

…and another semester is in the books, I’m finally home, everything is unpacked and I’m able to fully relax.

To celebrate I have the RAC remix of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home”. I had never actually listened to this particular remix prior to today, I just knew it was rather popular on the Hype Machine. I’m glad I finally gave it a chance, it’s not too shabby and shall be added to the iPhone (along with a Benny Hill ringtone!).

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-Home (RAC Mix)