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Remember a few days ago when I posted Scars On 45?

Good, I like that you pay attention.

I mentioned in that post Scars On 45 were playing aboard the Harbor Queen and riding down the Severn River, well next week The Civil Wars will be doing the same type of concert. Listen to “Barton Hallow” below and pick your tickets up at Watermark’s Website.

After doing a bit of research on The Civil Wars I learned that Maryland was a state divided and on occasion brothers fought brothers… that was a joke. I actually learned The Civil Wars are great live, I mean seriously great. It would be a prudent choice for you to go on this particular Rock ‘N River Cruise. To persuade you I’ve added 2 additional songs, both covers. Give them a spin.

The Civil Wars-Barton Hallow

The Civil Wars-Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

The Civil Wars-Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover)


Scars on 45 are a group of British blokes who probably fancy a little football and a pint or two down at the local pub. I’ve really been digging “Give Me Something”, and if WRNR didn’t do their Rock ‘n River cruises on the weekday; I’d go to this one.

What more could you ask for? Red Hot & Blue BBQ, the soothing sounds of Scars On 45 and some pretty nice views from the Severn River. For 25 quid (that’s English slang for bucks) you can join them for a relaxing cruise and a nice little Wednesday night. Buy yo tickets!

Scars On 45-Give Me Something