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I’m not happy right now.

Stupid Capitals, can’t beat a Florida hockey team at the phone booth. Mike Green’s skate has as many goals as him in the last like 30 games. On a happier note, the O’s are on a hot streak winning five of the last six and going for a 4 game series sweep tomorrow.

But we’re actually here to discuss this new song from those jokesters from snl, it’s got Snoop on the track and some punchlines… enjoy.

The Lonely Island-Turtleneck & Chain featuring Snoop Dogg

I swear if I see someone wearing a shirt like this one but indicating that the person wearing it just had sex; I will fight. That shit is both dumb and inappropriate, nevermind the sheer irony of the “I’m on a boat” when that person is walking in Georgetown (yes, I’ve seen that… and you thought most people there are somewhat stylish).

I’m rather worried that this will in fact happen, I also believe that it will be a catchphrase that will be tired and overused. See: Charlie Murphy True Stories Skits from The Chappelle Show circa 2004.

The Lonely Island-I Just Had Sex featuring Akon