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New ish from Hoodie Allen.

Just received this via e-mail from the man himself, it’s the follow-up to “Dreams Up” as the next release off of Leap Year.

Hoodie Allen-NY Is Killing Me

Download the track fo’ free… Here!

Hey! Remember that Childish Gambino remix I gave y’all?

Well here’s Adele’s original and the xx remix, because it’s a slow day.

Adele-Rolling In The Deep

Adele-Rolling In The Deep (The xx Remix)

I’ve been a fan of Donald Glover for a while now, ever since Community first started airing. Technically, I was a fan before that sinceĀ  he wrote for my favourite show 30 Rock, I just didn’t really know it. His stand-up is hilarious and apparently he raps too… this was news to me as of last Sunday. I quickly snapped up Culdesac, and gave it a listen. I really liked what I heard, and didn’t expect him to actually rap. I sort of thought it was gonna be some joke rap, I couldn’t have been more incorrect. Check out Childish Gambino’s latest track, going in over Jaime’s (The xx) remix of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”.

Childish Gambino drops a filthy verse directed at an ex, and I love it.

Adele-Rolling In The Deep (The xx Remix) featuring Childish Gambino