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Man shit be crazy sometimes, I mean like I want to post up shit sometimes but then I stop caring and quit because it takes too much effort (it actually doesn’t)… but I’m waiting for the Caps game to start (and The Office to air) so in the meantime let us bring back Throwback Thursday.

Who else? Clipse. Shouts to Malice, Pusha, VA Beach and the entire 703 yaaadig.

Clipse-The Funeral



I normally do Throwback Thursday and include a hip-hop/rap song, but I’m switching that up today with a song I heard in Food Lion yesterday (I bought a mango).

Who doesn’t like some old school alternative rock, which would have been played by 99.1 WHFS? Also let’s post up the video too!

Toad The Wet Sprocket-Good Intentions

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Well… not really. I’m never stressed, cool as a polar bear’s toenails… but there is a reason why I picked out this one.

Yesterday, if you recall I said Consequence was one of the best to do it, and “Stressed Out” is probably my favourite track that showcases Con ya diggg?

A Tribe Called Quest-Stressed Out featuring Faith Evans

Well, since their new track was released the other day let’s keep it up with some classic Beasties… but which track should I pick? I don’t even know. Maybe the last played song in my iTunes, that should be “Shake Your Rump” but I didn’t look yet.

Hmm, the last played was “She’s Crafty”… Let’s do it!

Beastie Boys-She’s Crafty

I’m still feeling like poop, but I toughed it through Con Law & my second class.

Above is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. It’s the marker where a BP ball hit by Griffey struck the Warehouse… this means one thing, it’s baseball season. Not for my Orioles per say, but for baseball on the whole (the O’s open tomorrow at Tampa & their home opener will be on Monday).

So to celebrate the day and the fact the Camden Yards will now serve Natty Boh on tap, here are two befitting songs.

John Fogerty-Centerfield

G Love & Special Sauce-Cold Beverage

…Even though it’s Friday.

Would have posted more but between having nearly no service for the past week thanks to AT&T and the loss of access to my Gmail thanks to Google.

…Talking about those things just pisses me off. Here’s one of my favourite Outkast songs.

Outkast-Morris Brown featuring Scar & Sleepy Brown

Whatchu nerds know about the Pharcyde (pronounced ˈfɑrsaɪd) ?

Here’s one of my favourites for the return of Throwback Thursday. This comes off of Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde, the year was 1992 and this was at the height of the golden age… even though they came from LA.

The Pharcyde-Passin’ Me By

So one of my favourites artists of all-time is Jay-Z, and it has nothing to do with him frequenting the town that I was born and raised in, or 15 minutes away in Cambridge. In fact I hate Cambridge, that shit sucks. You have an Arby’s and a combination KFC/Taco Bell (which isn’t very impressive now that Easton has both), the only way I would ever even consider living in Dorchester County would be if I could buy cheap land that happens to be on the Choptank River or the Bay… and no neighbors. They’re weird down there.

Anyways, “Money Ain’t A Thang” right?

Jay-Z-Money Ain’t A Thang featuring Jermaine Dupri

First, allow me to get in to some breaking NHL news right quick. Matty Perreault & Braden Holtby have been assigned to Hershey… along with Jay Beagle. Personally we here don’t care about Beags so much as we do about Matty and Holtby, no slights towards Jay but #70 & 85 are 2 of my personal favourite young Caps.

Secondly, Dammmmmnnnn that Yelle jaunt is tight!

With all that said, the All-Star break (foreshadowing) began last night right after the shutout loss to the Atlanta (Quebec) Thrashers (Nordiques) (ed. note: we all know atl’s move to Quebec is inevitable). I’m rather excited for this ASG, and I’m not sure why. It won’t determine home-field (ice) advantage a la MLB and their won’t be any flashy dunks or dingers landing in the stands, but what it does have is class and certainly a dash of fun.

At this point I’m sure that you’re questioning how an All-Star game is foreshadowing for the song below. Boom! Kurtis Blow, that’s how.

Kurtis Blow-The Breaks

Fun Fact: Kurtis Blow says “Break(s)” 84 times.

That’s what she said!

But seriously, I’ll bet you weren’t expecting this one for our weekly Throwback track of the week… “Candy Girl”. Awesome.

New Edition-Candy Girl

p.s. My first name is Henry fyi