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I wouldn’t say I have a favourite band, that distinction comes and goes much like the tides. One day I may be in a Weezer mood, the next, Wale… Today it’s a Vampire Weekend day.

My colleagues say Vampire Weekend are a bunch of yuppies from Columbia with daddy’s money, and to that I say phisshaw. I’ve like VW ever since their eponymous album was released in 2008, I’m still a fan through Contra and even still with their involvement in the Twilight Sagas. Enjoy “M79”.

Vampire Weekend-M79

And now what you’ve all been waiting for, the conclusion of the top 20 songs of 2010 chosen by me.

Ed. note: Okay, sorry for the delay. Between Friday night, staying out past my self-instated curfew and the hangover that ensued, I wanted to take a day off. I slept relatively all afternoon and woke up just in time to catch my Caps smash Florida… and flip back and forth to see Chara get trash thrown at him #GoHabs.

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Yesterday we started at 10 and went to 6, well today is the conclusion. Much more hip-hop/rap during this installment, and if you know me well #1 shan’t come as a surprise.

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Yesssssir, Vampire Weekend are back!

Ezra and company recently went on BBC Radio 1 in the UK and covered Cheryl Cole’s 2009 mega-hit. “Fight for This Love” reached the number 1 spot in 5 different countries… and I’ve never heard of it.

Vampire Weekend-Fight for This Love (Cheryl Cole Cover)