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Fuckin’ right Wale Wednesday!

Wale-Rack City (freestyle) feat. Black Cobain

Here’s the deal. I’m posting this for you. I haven’t watched/listened to it yet. I’m trying hard to not predispose myself to Ambition, I’m waiting til’ 11.1.11 when it comes out.

So enjoy this, spoil your ears. I’ll wait til’ Tuesday.

Blah blah blah Rick Ross something something something joke in poor taste…

I seriously contemplated not listening to this song so I could hear it fresh once I copped Ambition (due out 11.11.11), but I broke down and listened to it. I’ll leave it at that.
p.s. If you’re dying to know, I enjoy it.

Wale-Focused featuring Kid Cudi

New Wale! That’s pretty cool right?

It’s pretty clear dc is an extremely diverse area, from all the little Asian markets in Montgomery county to the African restaurants in the U Street corridor. This is the main reason I love the city and her surrounding counties, you can learn so much if you’re open minded to other people’s beliefs and cultures. A very wise man once said “the more I travel, the less I know”. I don’t pretend to know everything, and I certainly don’t possess the ability to dissect Wale’s lyrics in this one. So I won’t even try. Enjoy!

Wale-No One Be Like You

It looks as if the lockout will be ending here within the next 24hrs and the means football is back.

The Redskins always seemed to rescue me from the complete ineptitude that is the Baltimore Orioles once the All-Star break was reached. The intriguing story lines surrounding the Skins reeled me in from the vast sea of baseball, and the Orioles are always my reef. This summer seems different; although not as different as the spring felt. Spring was filled with hope, the feeling the Birds were on their way to rise above their underachieving ways… maybe win one or two relevant games in September and battle with the AL East heavyweights right down to the wire. As always those hopes were dashed long ago, right around the same time Britton starting getting roughed up and the acquisition of Vlad seemed to be a swing and a miss. Fingers have been pointed, heads have been called to roll and players are on the proverbial chopping block. For some reason I’ve stuck through watching and listening to this abomination, not in hopes of the team turning their fortunes around, but in hopes that I can somehow figure out a way to stop the bleeding. But trainwrecks aren’t easily fixed. I’ve been reading Moneyball, the story of Billy Beane fielding a winning team with limited resources. This particular book makes finding players a science instead of a crapshoot, and it sounds so easy. The Orioles have money to spend, but rarely do so and when they do it never turns out in their best interest (with the exception of Miguel Tejada). A whole lot of fans have thought all is fixed with the addition of a Mr. Prince Fielder, while he would almost certainly help, he would change the losing culture. The losing ways will take years to change, it starts with ousting the current amateur scouts. These guys have motives and gamble far too frequently for a team in our position. It comes down to drafting High School players, which the Orioles have done frequently in the past and few have worked out. In this most recent draft Dylan Bundy was selected, he has a high asking price and a long way to go before he suits up in orange and black. College players typically are more prudent selections who pan out at a higher percentile. Inexplicably the Orioles continue to gamble, and we have nothing to show for it down on the farm.

The fans complain that the Orioles aren’t spending enough, or the Yankees and Red Sox are spending too much. Neither are the problem. The problem is the inability to recognize true talent in the deeper rounds of the draft.

Okay, I’m getting off my soapbox. Here’s my favourite football-centric song, one in which Wale name drops several Redskins. So throw on your Sean Taylor jersey and get ready for another terrible season by the Skins… Hey, at least we have the Caps to root for.

Wale-Touch The Sky

Wale just dropped this one a few days ago, but I was too focused on investing in a Omega watch to blog about it. I got my watch, a nice little thing made in the 1960’s with an original band.

Anyway, here’s the supposed new Wale single. That excites me, hopefully the labels stay away from tampering Wale’s artistic control. To me “Bad Girls Club” sounds poppy, and automatic club banger… but gogo at the same time and isn’t that what we’ve always wanted? Someone to bring gogo to the masses?

Wale-Bad Girls Club featuring J. Cole

Day 7: A song that reminds me an event.

Wale’s go at Jay-Z’s “Thank You” reminds me of New Years 2010, that was a fun night. Noise makes were blown in cops’ faces, rum was drank and yard flamingos stolen.

Wale-Thank You

Why didn’t you guys tell me it was Wednesday? I nearly forgot, it’s amazing how little I think when I’m not in classes.

Anyways, you remember Neon Hitch right? Wale has too, and he’s jumped on “Silly Girl” for the official remix… that’s the definition of dopeness.

Neon Hitch-Silly Girl featuring Wale

I’m back on my Mac shit. I fucks with this Apple, and I thought they only made phones and mp3 players well… Man was I misinformed.

Anyway, here’s some new Wale with like 600 people. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. That Maybach Music Group thing, which basically means Wale raps and Rick Ross grunts and then some people (usually named Meek Mill or Pill) try to rap. I’m getting sick of all these other people on Wale tracks. I swear if there’s more than 3 features on his solo album I will be pissed.

Wale-By Any Means featuring Meek Mill, Pill & Rick Ross [audio]

So, while gathering all the tracks for Georgia Avenue presents: Home pt. Deux (The Sequel), I came across a thing on another blog made popular by Facebook. It’s called the 30 Day Song Challenge and with each day comes a new song. Today, the first day of the challenge is the song I would call my favourite. Which is tough, but classic Wale always works “Uptown Roamers”. Check back tomorrow and each of the next 29 days for the following installments, Tuesday sees the song I consider my least favourite.

Wale-Uptown Roamers