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I’d like to get into some funky-fresh French pop before Wale Wednesday & writing a history paper due Friday.

A couple pages on the OPEC Oil Crisis of the 70’s… no biggie, like Sean Combs. After that little simile that may or may not have been in bad taste, I bring you some more Yelle from their latest album Safari Disco Club.

Yelle-Comme Un Enfant

I took three semesters worth of French in high school and I still have no idea what Yelle is talking about. “Do I care?” you may ask and I shall reply with a simple “Non, J”adore Yelle”. She can whisper sweet nothings in my ear in her native toungue and I shan’t worry about what she’s saying.

Here’s Yelle’s newest release that literally translates to “What do you”.

Yelle-Que Veux-tu

Yeah, I like Yelle. What of it?!

Check the French band’s new one.

Yelle-Safari Disco Club