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Another video, this one is nearly a month old… and it just dawned on me that I never posted this shiz. My b, YP and Brenton.

Shout out to that dope-ass S.21 shirt Brenton is wearing in the beginning, its from Rogue Squirrel. Unfortunately, they stopped making that shirt a long, long time ago.

If you recall last week a track produced by Brenton Duvall hit the internets. It was that jaunt by Young Prince called “Strange Times”… and I just lost my train of thought. Sorry. I’m currently listening to War and second track came on called “Johnny Bravo” and Young Prince killed that shiz, so much so that I couldn’t think straight. Anyway, mid-way through “Classical” I can tell Young Prince is next, Wale, X.O. & tabi Bonney should move to the side and make way for the future of hip-hop in dc (not to say Wale et al. are finito).

Young Prince has definitely set the bar high for everyone else releasing tapes in 2011, check his twitter @youngprincedmv and download War here!

Young Prince-Johnny Bravo

Mr. Duvall is back.

Young Prince is under the radar (at least for me, I had never heard of the dude), probably won’t be for long. He teams up with the Brenton “The Magician” Duvall on this track and the results are superb.

Young Prince-Strange Times